The Mechanic Decides To Do Something

After reflecting on the mouse’s words, the mechanic decided to do something.

“I am going to eat you,” said the mechanic to the mouse.

“The hell you are,” said the mouse, who proceeded to flee the scene.  The mechanic had expected as much from the mouse, and after losing his breath in chase, he sat down and devised a trap.  It was quite ingenious, really: a broken keyboard made to look like a floating piece of detritus well-suited for a mouse’s escape from an inhospitable island.  The mechanic hid an old can cut as a spring-loaded blade within the battery compartment of the mouse-escape shuttle.

That evening, the mechanic laid the raft out on the most outflung peninsula of the island.  He hoped the mouse would find it in the night and attempt his ill-fated journey off the island.

The mouse, however, had no intentions of leaving the island, as he was afraid of water.


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