Alex Carr Johnson

Ahoy. Alex, here.

It looks like we are stuck on this island for a while, so we might as well get to know each other: I am a queer conservationist, writer, husband, long-distance traveler, explorer, and intersectionista.  I currently make my home in fabulous Anchorage, Alaska on unceded Dena’ina lands, but also hold the North Fork Valley of western Colorado close to my heart. I prioritize discussions and explorations which expand toward complexity on a wide variety of spatial, temporal, and ecological scales.  Scientific inquiry is particularly useful in identifying these sorts of truths – and art is particularly useful in communicating them.

We live in a messy and dynamic living world.  I seek to actively understand the mess, to tell stories that communicate the dynamism, and to inspire others to protect them both. Here’s to exploring. Take some risks!  Do some science! Ask some tough questions! Make art! Revel in the complexity!  Then maybe send me a line.