The Mouse and the Mechanic

A mouse and a mechanic were once trapped on a desert island.  This particular island was not as-seen-on-TV.  It had many distinguishing features, like oiled beaches and condominiums.  There were also piles of plastic run aground in the calmer bays and inlets.

In fact, the whole island consisted of plastic: the trash thrown away from any number of other people in far off lands.  The mechanic looked at the mouse, and said, “I wish this weren’t such a small island.  If we had more land, I could figure out a way to grow my own food.  And if we had more forests, I could figure out how to build myself a house.”

The mouse looked at the mechanic and said, “I wish I had opposable thumbs and a cerebral cortex.”

“Mine aren’t helping us any,” said the mechanic.

“Exactly,” said the mouse.


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